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Equine-Ranch is a simulation of real life horse ownership focused in the competitive horse world. It is a persistant virtual world where time is accelerated. (One real day equals one month in the game.) This accelerated time frame allows players to accomplish in a few weeks or months what would take years, or even a lifetime in real life. It offers the opportunity to explore breeding and competing without creating live horses that need homes, or incurring the expense of a ranch with many top level horses. Players can explore any or all of the eleven disciplines ranging from western to racing to draft.

E-R strives to provide challenge and entertainment, while also providing education. In designing the game, I strove to provide situations that taught about money management, horse care, genetics, breeding, and training. I sought to offer situations where one could experience both the positive and negative ramifications of one's choices, allowing players to learn from their successes and mistakes.

The game is designed to require patience to acheive goals. It does not offer instant gratification, but the accelerated time makes the wait for results short enough that players of all ages can see the results and remain interested. Unlike many games, training and foaling do not happen instantly at the click of a button. Foals take 11 game months to be born. Mares go through labor that progresses over several hours, and the foaling signs can be monitored. Training takes many game months, even years to achieve the highest level of excellence.

We also strive to provide the safest possible online environment for all players. In-game messages are archived for reference. Automated filters block the sending of most messages that contain profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity. Our support system has a department dedicated to the reporting of any in-game harassment. We have in-game tools that allow us to revoke the ability to send messages from anyone caught abusing the messaging system. Severe infractions result in immediate suspension of the account. Repeat offenders find themselves banned from accessing the website.

Player submitted content such as player names, ranch descriptions, and horse names, are regularly policed by the game, looking for the usual vulgar, profane, or obscene words. These logs are reviewed by the owners, and the content removed when found, and the offending player punished.

Forums and chat are monitored by both humans and bots. Bad behavior is reprimanded, and rules are enforced to the best of our ability.

We also make effort to ensure fair play and honest dealings between the players. We have a zero tolerance policy toward any form of cheating, or unfair play.

We hope that you will review the game rules and terms of service with your child. We want their time spent here to be beneficial and enjoyable.


Nicole Zizert
Creator of Equine-Ranch

Virtual Pony Rancher

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Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017